Retaining Walls

Due to aggressive slopes, some properties either need or become much more functional with the use of retaining walls. Retaining walls hold back dirt allowing flatter surfaces to be created. These level areas can be used for flower gardens, patios, parking, building areas and more. You will be saying “wow” as our team will work hard to create your perfect landscape with beautiful design and build quality, producing a landscape that will stand the test of time. Shantz Landscapes takes pride in our creations with natural and manufactured stone.

We start with the proper equipment for a good excavation and will build a compacted gravel base with good drainage ensuring a solid foundation. We work safely and efficiently using excavator mounted hydraulic grapples allowing us to place rocks and steps precisely. Shantz Landscapes recommends the use of natural armour stone in many applications for its natural beauty. We source natural rock quarry direct and also stock a growing selection of natural products. There are also many manufactured concrete products available for modern landscapes or for more specific applications.