Lawn Seeding

Shantz Landscapes is well equipped and experienced for prepping and seeding lawns. We have the proper equipment to turn your mess into turf. The use of equipment is what makes us fast and efficient and ensures a smooth seed bed.

  • Compact trackloader with tilt/bucket for final grades.
  • Skidsteer mounted rock picker for efficient debris removal.
  • Rotary tillers with rippers loosens compaction.
  • Harley power box rake prepares a smooth seed bed.
  • Tractor 3pt hitch mounted Landpride primary seeder presses seed into the ground for better germination and less erosion

We stock and supply grass seed:

  • Premium mixture grass seed for average lawn areas
  • Speciality shade and environmental seed mixtures for less than ideal and shaded areas



Shantz Landscapes offers over seeding, aerating and fertilizer application for damaged or stressed lawns.

 Compacted soil makes it tough for grass to grow. The use of our aerator shatters hard pack, allowing roots to grow deep into the soil. Aeration and fertilizer help to keep a thick healthy lawn which is the best chemical free weed control. Aeration is most beneficial to your lawn in the early fall.

 For regular aerating and repair of stressed lawns we use our Steiner tractor with front mount aerator. It has powered vibrating tines to get deep penetration & loosening of soil with no ugly core deposits

  • We use a 3pt hitch mounted slit seeder for over seeding badly damaged lawns.
  • We stock and sell high quality slow release Nutrite fertilizer.
  • We offer professional application of fertilizer.

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