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Interlocking Pavers

Shantz Landscapes will design, build and bond hardscapes to stand the test of time. We can stand behind the quality of our work because it is important for us to build a solid base. The most common premature interlock failure is due to lack of one or all of these key components; drainage, compaction and aggregate depth. We live in a harsh climate with a freeze-thaw cycle, where moisture trapped in the ground will expand when frozen, causing the ground to heave. This is a cause of hardscape failure. We can’t change the climate we live in, so how can we avoid costly landscapes from being pushed, cracked and prematurely ruined by the winter elements?

The best way to avoid winter damage is to put extra effort into drainage, compaction and aggregate depth. These components all add to the project expenses, but this is a cost of quality. Our team at Shantz Landscapes does our best to ensure you a long-lasting hardscape. We sweat over getting it done right the first time. Drainage, compaction and aggregate depth are important to us and not overlooked. This is how we design, build and bond quality hardscapes that can stand the test of time.


Our Work